The Project

The Project

5Gaas, originated from an FTI (Fast Track to Innovation) project developed under the Horizon 2020 Programme aiming to create and launch a new product in the form of a decentralised marketplace for the telecom ecosystem.

System Architecture

5GaaS system architecture

Project Results

Use Cases

Distribution System Operator (DSO) – Energy Vertical:

5GaaS consortium includes a DSO that will act as a resource consumer in the marketplace and use the platform to purchase a Network Slice (Slice-as-a-Service) in a B2B interaction between a Neutral Host and an Energy Vertical.


This subsection will serve as a repository of all project papers that are publicly available and is updated as these are approved.


This subsection will serve as a repository of all project deliverables that are publicly available for download  and is updated as these are approved.

WP1 Management, communication and dissemination

  • D1.1 Project planning and management
  • D1.2 Quality & Risk Management Plan
  • D1.3 Initial Communication Plan
  • D1.4 Communication materials
  • D1.5 Final Communication and dissemination plan
  • D1.6 Final report on marketing activities, case studies and success stories
  • D1.7 Data Management Plan

WP2 Web marketplace upgrade with automated 5G deployments and edge cloud features

  • D2.1 Initial 5GaaS WP2 Architecture & Interfaces
  • D2.2 Final 5GaaS WP2 Architecture & Interfaces
  • D2.3 5GaaS Upgraded Web Marketplace Mockups
  • D2.4 Integrated 5GaaS WP2 Platform for MVP
  • D2.5 Final Integrated 5GaaS WP2 Platform

WP3 Business modelling implementation using blockchain and smart contracts technology

  • D3.1 5GaaS Smart contract system specification and acceptance criteria
  • D3.2 5GaaS Smart contract system and documentation
  • D3.3 Smart contract system integration rationale and integration API documentation
  • D3.4 Regulatory conclusions and recommendations report

WP4 System piloting in supporting cities

  • D4.1 5GaaS pilots planning: use cases and KPIs
  • D4.2 5GaaS deployment strategy
  • D4.3 5GaaS pilots results

WP5 Business modelling, planning and commercialisation activities

  • D5.1 Initial business model, business plan and use-cases
  • D5.2 Final business plan
  • D5.3 Report on IPR activities
  • D5.4 Initial Report of 5GaaS radio specification
  • D5.5 Final Report of 5GaaS radio specification

WP6 Ethics requirements

  • D6.1 POPD - Requirements No.1
  • D6.2 POPD - Requirements No.2