Why 5GaaS

The uniqueness of 5GaaS (Marketplace)

  • Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT): commercialise computing, storage, spectrum, software functions, network services and slicing capabilities, relying on decentralised and trusted infrastructure.
  • Service management and orchestration: 5GaaS enables service providers to implement highly flexible network reconfigurations at various levels of virtualised infrastructure, allowing operators to adapt fast to new demands.

Telco is no longer just for Telcos!

  • The Telecom ecosystem of tomorrow is fundamentally more heterogeneous and diverse. 5GaaS can connect both the legacy stakeholders (MNOs, TowerCos, MVNOs) and the new entrants (specialised MNOs, local MNOs, Neutral Hosts, Hardware and Software providers, just to name a few).
  • The 5GaaS platform aims to simplify the commercial interactions between the different stakeholders in the telecom ecosystem, providing a digital marketplace that leverages DLT and smart contracts, saving time and money.

Who can benefit from it

5GaaS will give its users the ability to create impactful technology based on reliable, resilient, latency-sensitive networking infrastructure that scales to meet the market’s demands. Therefore, the marketplace will facilitate transactions between:


Landlords and Mobile Network Operators

- Landlords can lease their locations to prospective bidders with a transparent and secure way for pricing as well as to take into account demand pressures;
- MNOs can find a site within public and private real estate where radio cells can be deployed without increasing pressure on their budgets.


Operators and Integrators & Service Providers

- New strategies for site contracting and operation as well as QoS monitoring and logistics;
- Manage and monitor service levels to ensure lease pricing and service are adjusted to the sites' requirements.


Operators and Operators

- Providing a path for the emergence of neutral hosting operators, where one site’s capacity can be leased out to multiple operators;
- Ensuring site lease costs are covered by both 1st and 3rd party revenue;
- Guaranteeing QoS and rapid turnaround for new bandwidth allocation for those seeking high-quality services to paying customers in a given location.


Operators and Service & Application Developers

Expansion of applications to take full advantage of the technology and serve its main use cases:
- Enhanced mobile broadband;
- Massive machine-to-machine communications;
- Ultra-reliable low-latency communications.
- Self-serve capabilities in the form of SaaS for the deployment of edge services for:
- Use cases such as vehicular communications, real-time entertainment, ultra-low latency applications;
- Critical sectors such as security, health and industry and low energy usage for IoT sensing devices.